Ramon Martins

Ramon Martins was born in Sao Paulo, in 1981, raised in Minas Gerais, and lives in Brasilia. This multiple and mutant way of living is reflected in his art. His unusual, often ironical and irreverent point of view of the world, demonstrates his restless spirit.

Expert in spray techniques, he also paints comfortably and gently with acrylic paint and watercolor, creating delicate lyrical sense of composition, filled with little pieces of a not always well behaved sensuality.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Escola Guinard, Belo Horizonte, Ramon worked widely with street art, and uses his expertise giving graffiti workshops for young artists on projects that promote social inclusion, that took Ramon to France and Belgium.

Check out his flickr stream.

R.U.A. Reflexo on urban art Rotterdam, Netherlands, July - August 2009.

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