Onio’s interest for graffiti came up as he was only 13. Skateboarding on the streets of Brasilia street art hit him. It didn’t take long until he started marking the city with his name, becoming one of the first graffiti artists in the Brazilian Capital.

His work has influences from Brazilian graffiti, and he exchanges aesthetical information with many artists. He mixes spray techniques with water base paint, and his creative process is free, without formal links to hip hop. After a long time painting on urban spaces, Onio realized that his paintings and drawings could go beyond the city walls. For fun, he started painting on pieces of wood, finding a new support for his art. Since then, his work gained amplitude and started being shown in galleries.

His colourful abstract drawings represent the urban chaos.

Check out Onio's flickr.

R.U.A. Reflexo on urban art Rotterdam, Netherlands, July - August 2009.

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