At the age of 15, whilst already showing a marked aptitude for illustrative anatomy, the young Dante Horoiwa (now 21) began his career as a commercial illustrator.

Being from a city with such a strong and unique graffiti movement as Sao Paulo, it wasn't long before Horoiwa started becoming actively involved in street art, his first contact with the streets came at the age of 17.

The rawness and innovation of the Brazilian street art scene has since become one of the main influences on his work, both on and off the streets. His other main influence come from the culture, philosophy and art of his Japanese ancestry. Drawing from his heritage, Horoiwa tries to follow the samurai philosophy and the pursuit of enlightenment. Although he claims not to be an easy job being what it is the world today, since every day you realize you are in the middle of an endless war.

He tells us about how the world today can get you dead inside and the journey to take on this sad and dark path in search of the true self. The difficulty and loneliness of which, given the state of the modern world, is a predominant theme in his artwork.

Check out horoiwa.com.

R.U.A. Reflexo on urban art Rotterdam, Netherlands, July - August 2009.

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